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In Class Exercise 4 – Introductions

by on January 16, 2012

In Class Exercise 4

– Introductions –

State the following: Name; degree track; my blog is about; in this class (WordPress), I want to learn . . .

Hi! My name is General Magitha (not really) and I am on track for an AAT Degree in Web & Graphic Design and/or Web Design & Development since many of the courses I am taking overlap. I really love the graphic aspect, but am also intrigued by web development. See Computer Graphic Technology Dept. at Clark College.

My blog is entitled “Much Ado About Nothing By Never Again Say Never Girl”. The tagline is: “Graphically Speaking With Tongue in Cheek” characterized by personal musings and random thoughts. That is, a hodge podge (decoupage)  of trivial things that interests me with loads of fun and a hint of seriousness.

In this class, I want to learn all there is to know about WordPress and how I can use it to my advantage

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