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by on February 3, 2012

Hard and Soft

Silhouette of “hard” tree with “soft” buds, against fluffy clouds with a hint of blue sky in background

tree in front of puffy clouds

image subject to copyright

  1. Is this your picture? I’m still so in love with the feet. Honestly, I’d love a signed print to put on my office wall of the feet walking through snow.

    I know I approached that issue in class poorly. Thank you for handling it so well and you got me really thinking about how important that issue was. I assumed that everyone “got” copyright and understood it as that’s a huge part of college work, writing papers, research, etc. I guess I should never assume. Thank you for teaching me that.

  2. Not sure which picture you’re referring to, but yes I took both these pictures and quite a few more: The silhouette of the “hard” tree with “soft” buds, against the fluffy clouds with a hint of blue sky in the background; the “organic” footprints in the dusting of snow on the wooden deck are my very own. Though the picture was staged, it did made a good shot before our fleeting snow melted. I’d be happy to give you an original “signed” print. -gm-

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