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The 4 R’s – Episode 3

by on February 16, 2012

A Rotten Story

In Episode 2 there was a lovely picture of freshly fallen fall leaves still bright with color. Beauty fades. Over time rotting leaves lose their color, shape and size. Nature reclaims all dead organic matter by returning nutrients to the soil through the decomposition process. Well what do you know – can this be a form of recycling?

Nature’s very own (click on image to view gallery). The  newly enriched dirt is an earthy smelling natural fertilizer, perfect for mixing into the soil of under-nourished vegetable and flower beds. Plants will thrive and the new life will bring fresh color, size and form much to our delight. So feed your compost today and watch the magic take place over time. What has worms got to do with it? Coming soon 4 R’s episode 4.

4 R’s – The Series

4 R’s Episode 1
4 R’s Episode 2
4 R’s Episode 3

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