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ABC’s of a Lizard

colorful lizard 60 percentcolorful lizard 80 percent
What’s there about a Lizard?

colorful lizard lg

Lizards are reptiles (cold, blooded animals) that have been around for a long, long time since the Jurassic Period (roughly 145-199 million years) with actual life spans ranging from 1 to 30 years. Lizards are global citizens, with a preference for warmers climes so that rules out Antarctica.
While we like to think of them a ferocious flesh eating monsters, they can be omnivorous and some enjoy a good meal of greens. Thanks Mommy!

The smallest lizard is about the size of a dime while the largest lizard (Comodo Dragon) is almost 10 feet from head to tail weighing in at about 150 pounds.

Lizards are interesting creatures of the wild. Some people, herpetologists, study the biology of  reptiles and amphibians while others keep them as household pets.  Oh, and they do taste like chicken (a personal experience in Spain). Spanish for lizard = Lagarto or lagartijo (small lizard).

Of the 3500 + different species there are some with many interesting true or false claims to fame due to unique or weird characteristics, such as:

Fire breathing (only in the movies – could that be Godzilla, or was it the one with the Sean Connery voice over?)
Lizards as dragons or creatures of legends
Certain ones make good spokes-geckos for advertising (yea, right)
Able to shoot blood from their eyes
Ability to regenerate a tail that was detached (extreme fight or flight reaction, you decide)
Changes its color to fit its surroundings (camouflage technique adopted in bush warfare)
Speedy thieves (extinct velociraptors)
Crocodiles are lizards, too (not – but they do have lacrimal glands that produce something akin to tears); some lizards are called crocodile lizards
Crested or horned, bearded
Have independently mobile, stereoscopic eyes
Use long, extrudable tongues
Have prehensile tails
A certain species consists solely of females – males do not exist

disclaimer: neversayneveragaingirl is by no means an authority on lizards/reptiles and makes
no claims to the accuracy or veracity of information on this site.
  1. Luisa, Certain species of lizards consists solely of females only? I did not know that. What I want to know is how do they get little baby lizards if there is no male lizard to, you know.

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