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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

The Mayflower and The Magnolia in my Back Yard

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Columbia near Beaches

reflection of Columbia River in dining room

Daily Post WordPress

Buy organic or not

50th post goes up in fireworks

What would be more fitting than to have a fireworks display for this 50th post of mine. I just love the way the light that emits from the explosion illuminates the “pier” of some sorts:


Both sexes not needed here

Who needs males to reproduce?

Not these asexual organisms known as Whip-tail lizards (found in Southwest USA, Mexico, and South America). All these lizards are females. They reproduce by parthenogenesis, that is, the production of offspring without fertilization by a male.

Whip-tails may be the only known exclusively uni-sexual reptiles. It has been found, though, that Komodo dragons have the ability to switch between sexual and asexual behavior in the absence of males. Talk about survival of the species!

Blog lizard example back by popular demand

 BLOG Lizard

colorful lizard

By clicking on either the text above or the image you will be taken to this site’s Rear View Mirror page where you will see another image of the Blog Lizard. Then, clicking on that image or the text will bring you back to the Blog page (this one).

Instant WordPress theme 2011-edits

Slide show representing just a couple of changes made to 2011 theme (note: subsequent modifications with Plug ins, or CSS (done in Child Theme) will over ride original or any current code):

  • Plug In – Random Video Widget randomly displays 1 of the 5 preset videos in the sidebar upon page load
  • Plug In – File Gallery extends Media capabilities in WordPress
  • Theme Options: Dark, sidebar to left; black background; text default white
  • Theme Options: Light, sidebar to right; white background
  • CSS edited in Appearance Editor, for example:
    @import url(“../twentyeleven/style.css”);
    body {font-family: “Bodoni Poster”; color:green;}
    h1 {color:purple; text-align:center;}
  • Plug In – WP Theme Options: Adds simple options to theme (color scheme, file font, content font and custom CSS)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maggie interview

The 4 R’s – Episode 3

A Rotten Story

In Episode 2 there was a lovely picture of freshly fallen fall leaves still bright with color. Beauty fades. Over time rotting leaves lose their color, shape and size. Nature reclaims all dead organic matter by returning nutrients to the soil through the decomposition process. Well what do you know – can this be a form of recycling?

Nature’s very own (click on image to view gallery). The  newly enriched dirt is an earthy smelling natural fertilizer, perfect for mixing into the soil of under-nourished vegetable and flower beds. Plants will thrive and the new life will bring fresh color, size and form much to our delight. So feed your compost today and watch the magic take place over time. What has worms got to do with it? Coming soon 4 R’s episode 4.

4 R’s – The Series

4 R’s Episode 1
4 R’s Episode 2
4 R’s Episode 3

The 4 R’s – Episode template

4 R’s Episode <this is a template; enter no. here and in title>

Folks, remember the 4 R’s in <enter no. here; link>?

  1. Reduce
  2. Re-Use
  3. Recycle
  4. Rot

In our last episode <link> we covered <keyword here>. Today we <talk about theme>.

Episode <enter  no. here; link>

Le Pew in shoe, aka sneaker

What more can be said – Actions speak louder than words. Actor portraying a cartoon character Pepe Le Pew, an adorable skunk (opportunistic eater), lover and quintessential flirt.

And what’s that stink, odor, smell, pheromone you say? Well in the real world of skunks I think it is to ward off unwanted advances of the dangerous kind, i.e., a defense mechanism.

If you have ever watched the Pepe Le Pew cartoons, he is seemingly unaware of his malodorous scent being more interested in his unabashed and conceited pursuit of anything in a tail that has a white strip running the length of its back to the tip of its bushy tail.

Now if anyone has been sprayed by a skunk

stinky black and white skunk

If you can see the white stripe on my back you are too close!

It is widely thought that a bath in tomato juice neutralizes the stench. However according to this site, that is a myth –

Olfactory fatigue occurs when a person or animal inhales a very strong odor over a prolonged period of time; after long enough, they will no longer be able to distinguish the powerful odor, as they have grown accustomed to it.

Read more on the tomato theory.
Enjoy the antics of two people imitating the greatest unrequited love of all time.  ♥  Happy Valentine’s Day!  
Now that’s another story, altogether.

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