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This site is written under the alias of Gertie Mae, aka gm which is a perfect nom de plume as it opens up a school of thought. gm could be someone’s initials or could stand for anything like this blogger uncovered. Does this peak your interest enough to add your interpretation in a comment? Perhaps Giant Moth, God Mother, Green Monster or other such nonsense.

Nonsense is mostly what this site is about (no wonder gm wants to remain anonymous). Nonsense is synonymous with trivia (a kinder word than drivel) and jest, that old tongue in cheek routine. So if nonsense is a message that appears to convey no meaning, this site may either irritate or bring on a smile, though if you go to wikipedia you might find that nonsense can be quite profound.

On the flip side, as a graphic and web design artist in the making, this site will explore more than just nonsense – gm

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